2008 Nationals



Jack vs Jack In Epic Crate Sportsman Battle At The Great Race Place

October 19, 2008 By Rob Hazer (Malta, NY) – The front row of Jack Swinton and Jack
Gentile led the field down to the green flag with Gentile taking the early race lead.
Yellow flew early as a multi-car incident on lap two slowed the field. Involved were the
715 of Tim Anagnos, the 351 of Jeremiah Munson, the 56 of John Calcagni Jr., and the
97 of Bobby Hackel IV.

When the green flag flew again Gentile put his Grennon’s number 20 back into the lead,while the 07 of Swinton resumed the runner up spot. Jeremy Wilder driving the Fuccillo number 20 was battling with the Joke Broke Motorsports 16 of Aaron Jacobs for third.

Another yellow flew on lap 3 when the 97B of Mike Burdo came to a rest on the top of
turn two. This would re-stack the field for another restart. At this point yellows were not counting, as the first 5 and last 5 laps were green flag laps. Yellow flag laps counted in between.

Green flew once again and Gentile strong on the front went back to work in the lead
leaving Swinton to fight off the challenges of Wilder for the runner up spot. Wilder
would take over 2nd while the 26 of Derrick McGrew slowed and went pit side on lap six.

Jacobs was fending off the Bear Ridge sponsored number 6 of CV Elms, but the Eastside
Metal 05 of Anthony Marro was charging hard for 5th.

Back up front the heavy battle between Swinton and Wilder for the 2nd position ended when Wilder hit the inside wall with the left front and slowed. Swinton then working the top caught leader Gentile in lapped traffic engaging in a fierce battle for the lead. That battle would be slowed for the 97 of Ralph Denison who spun in
turn one bringing out the 3rd yellow of the event.

Green resumed on lap 25 with Gentile going back to the lead. Swinton again settled into the runner up spot with Jacobs now running 3rd after passing Wilder for the spot.

On lap 27 a Red flag would fly when contact between the 715 of Tim Anagnos and the 28 of Steve Douglass caused a multi-car flip on the front strait. Both drivers were uninjured.

On the lap 30 restart Gentile again went to work leading the 602 Nationals with Swinton trying to make a run enough to take the top spot. The man on the move was Scott Duell in the Lazzaro’s number 14 who had moved from dead last 26th to 5th by lap 35.

While Duell made his move to crack the top 5, Jack Swinton made his move on the high side taking the lead on lap 36.

One lap later a yellow flew for Kenny Towns number 83 spun around in turn 3. He would rejoin the tail end of the field.

Single file restart on lap 40 allowed Swinton to begin his work as the new race leader, but Gentile again was applying pressure for the lead and just 10 laps later Gentile would retake the lead from Swinton.

Aaron Jacobs was having one of his career best runs in 3rd with Duell closing in 4th and Mike Tholin in 5th. The race for the first ever 602 Nationals win however was back up front, as Swinton began pressuring Gentile on the topside.

On lap 61 Jack Swinton used the extreme high side to regain the lead from Gentile in
traffic, which he began to run and hide in traffic, but a yellow slowed the field for the 39 of Chris Reome who spun in turn two.

When the race resumed Swinton was leading, Gentile trying to pressure in 2nd, but Duell was now pressuring both from 3rd. Tholin began closing to make it a four-car race for the win with 5 laps to go in the 1st ever 602 Nationals at the Great Race Place.

With two laps left Swinton and Gentile pulled away from the rest of the top 5 waging war for the top spot. Yellow flag added drama with 1 lap to go.

On the final restart Swinton went high, Gentile dove low, but Swinton used the
momentum to pull enough of a lead to hold off Gentile in a classic 602 Crate Sportsman
battle. Jack Swinton became the first ever 602 Nationals winner, celebrating a
monumental career win with his team.

2008 NORTHEAST CRATE NATIONALS FEATURE RESULTS (75 Laps) – Jack Swinton, Jack Gentile, Mike Tholin, Scott Duell, Jeremy Wilder, Aaron Jacobs, Anthony Marro, Peter Carlotto, C.V. Elms, Gary Siemons, Dan Conklin, Dan Peckham, Ralph Denison, Body Bellinger, Jon Bates, Claude Hutchins, Rick LaMont, Ken Towne, John Calcagni, Chris Rheome, Ivan Joslin, Jeremiah Munson, Steve Douglas, Tim Anagnos, Danny Cross, Tony Souricciani Derrick McGrew, Mike Burdo.

Heat 1 Finish (5 Qualified): Jeremiah Munson, Jack Gentile, Anthony Marro, Pete
Carlotto, Jon Bates, Aaron Jacobs, Danny Cross, Kenny Towne, Tony Siricianni, Rick
Lamont. (10 Total)

Heat 2 Finish (5 Qualified): CV Elms, Mike Tholin, Derrick McGrew, Scott Duell, John
Calcagni Jr., Tim Anagnos, Ralph Denison, Ivan Joslin. (8 Total)

Heat 3 Finish (5 Qualified): Danny Peckham, Jeremy Wilder, Gary Siemons, Dan
Conklin, Jack Swinton, Mike Burdo, Bodie Bellinger, Chris Reome, Claude Hutchings
Jr., Steve Douglass. (10 Total)

B-Main Finish: (No B-Main Was Run, All Cars Started In Feature)