2013 Nationals



Former DIRTcar Sportsman Champ Still Tough To Beat

By Rob Hazer October 19, 2013 (Fultonville, NY) – The 2013 edition of the Dodson Construction Northeast Crate Nationals presented by Sowle Enterprises featured a solid 54-car field at Glen Ridge Motorsports park, which was a record car count for a sportsman race at the fastest 1/4 mile on dirt promoted by Rob Hazer.

Early on the Bad Boy Buggies 33 of Tim Sears Jr. set the pace followed closely by the Page Trucking M1 of Dave Marcuccilli and the Scarborough Motorsports 61 of John Scarborough.

Only three laps in a yellow flew for the Buanno Transportation number 7 of Dave Constantino who slowed in turn two. The field would re-align for the ensuing restart.

On the lap five restart things went from good, skipped bad, and went directly to ugly for Flag2Flag.com heat race number two winner Tommy Johnson who found himself going over the front tire of a fellow competitor during 3-wide action and flipping multiple times in turn two and landing on the roof of Jack Gentile’s number 20a. Johnson would walk away, but this night was done. All other drivers involved were uninjured.

On the restart Sears Jr. went back to the lead, while Scarborough started to apply pressure to the Marcuccilli for second. Pitts had his hands full racing with Krummel for fourth while Andy Durie began to make his presence felt cracking the top five with just 18 laps in the record books.

Some heavy hitters moving from the rear early on included Anthony Perrego, Tyler Dippel, Tim Hartman Jr., and 2010 602 Nationals champion Chad Edwards.

Back up front Scarborough made a move in traffic to get past Marcuccilli for second and began closing on Sears Jr. for the race lead, but the yellow flag once again waived this time to end segment one of the Dodson Construction 602 Nationals Presented by Sowle Enterprises.

Sears Jr. was the race leader followed by Scarborough, Marcuccilli, Krummel, Durie, Pitts, Greg McCloskey, Korey Wilder, Rocky Warner, and Scott Duell rounding out the top 10 at the break.

When the green flag dropped on segment two the race changed dramatically with another sighting of the rage jet. Heading into turn three on lap 31 Marcuccilli made a move on the bottom of John Scarborough and made inadvertent contact sending the 61 spinning to the high side of turn four with what appeared to be a broken left rear suspension.

Some extra curricular activities resulted in an unnecessarily ugly exchange between track officials and Scarborough’s 61 team. Marcuccilli was sent to the rear, but opted to retire to the pits, while Scarborough was dragged out the back gate while still in his car and found himself responding to law enforcement whom were called to settle the irate racer.

When the green flag flew again the field looked a little different with Sears Jr. still leading Krummel second and now Greg McCloskey, Andy Durie, and Scott Duell making up the top five positions.

Duell would find himself busy, as Anthony Perrego began pressuring for a top five running position, but not before a yellow flag for the 12K of Rick LaMont who went hard into the turn one wall.

On the restart Krummel bid for the lead, while Duell bid for third, but the field was slowed again foar 2008 Glen Ridge track champion Jeremiah Munson who was parked in the turn two wall.

At the end of segment two Sears Jr. was still leading the Dodson Construction 602 Nationals Presented By Sowle Enterprises followed by Krummel, Perrego, Rocky Warner, Duell, Durie, Tim Hartman Jr., Dippel, McCloskey, and Pitts rounding out the top 10.

When segment three readied for the green flag the Orange County Fair Speedway track champion Brian Krummel knew he had to make a move early if he planned to defeat the very talented former Super DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series champion Tim Sears Jr.

At the drop of the green flag Krummel made his move on the high side taking the lead from Sears Jr. in between turns one and two. A lap later a yellow slowed the field for a multi-car tangle in turn one including Anthony Stockman, Fred Proctor, and Ivan Joslin.

Green flag dropped once more and again Krummel strong on the top made a bid for the top spot taking the lead from Sears Jr., while Rocky Warner was moving and took third from Anthony Perrego.

One more yellow slowed the field for a multi-car tangle when Ray Zemken hooked the back of McCloskey’s 555 spinning them sideways in front of the field. Collected in the accident were Albany Saratoga track champion Jeremy Pitts, Jon Miller, 2009 Glen Ridge track champion Korey Wilder, 2013 Glen Ridge track champion Brian Pessalano, 2011 Fonda Speedway track champion Mark Mortensen, and 2010 Nationals winner Chad Edwards.

After the cleanup some drivers were able to continue on and some were forced pit side with damage. Once again the green flag came out and Krummel went back to the lead using the outside to his advantage. Perrego used the outside to take third from Rocky Warner, while behind them a three wide race raged between charging Tyler Dippel, Andy Durie, and Tim Hartman Jr.


On the restart the race change drastically, as Sears Jr. got the jump on Krummel to the surprise of everyone. Perrego was able to wrestle away third from Warner, but all eyes were on the highflying Tycar Trenchless Technologies 1 of Tyler Dippel who made a big move on the top going from sixth to fourth.

Mother Nature slowed the field on lap 91 of a scheduled 125 and the race was checkered flagged and considered official with rain coming down. Tim Sears Jr. who fought off challenges all night long from a few different drivers was awarded the victory over Anthony Perrego, Brian Krummel, Tyler Dippel, and Rocky Warner rounding out the top five.

“This is great,” said Sears Jr. when asked how it felt to win the Dodson Construction 602 Nationals. “We’ve never been here so we didn’t know what to expect, but it’s awesome and wow, look at that trophy,” he concluded.

“I thought the leader set the pace so I’m not sure how I wasn’t allowed to fire first on that last restart” said a disappointed Brian Krummel. “It is what it is, good racing though and thanks for having us, it was fun” concluded Krummel.

The 2013 edition of the 602 Nationals had its ups and downs, but one thing can be said; if you were watching up front you saw a stellar race that included 602 Sportsman Modified champions from dirt tracks all over the Northeast. Case in point; every driver in the top five has won a Sportsman Modified track championship.


  • Some other notable finishes included Tim Hartman Jr. who was given a plane ticket from Dave DePaulo to fly from Florida to the Nationals and started deep in the field to finish a respectable sixth.
  • Malta hot shoes Scott Duell and Andy Durie slugged it out with the best 602 Crate Sportsman drivers on tour to finish seventh and ninth.
  • Fonda Speedway standout Mark Mortensen grabbed a top 10 finish ending in the 8th position.
  •  Anthony Stockman one of Can-Am’s finest came home with a solid top 10 run for his first ever trip to the Fastest ¼ Mile On Dirt.
  • 2010 Nationals champion Chad Edwards started 29th and finished 11th representing the Dodson Construction team of racers and earning the Sign Action Productions ‘Beast Of The Race’ Hard Charger award presented by Sorrenti’s Pizzeria.

10/19/13 DODSON CONSTRUCTION NORTHEAST CRATE NATIONALS PRESENTED BY SOWLE ENTERPRISES FEATURE RESULTS ($2711 To Win) – 1) Tim Sears Jr., 2) Anthony Perrego, 3) Brian Krummel, 4) Tyler Dippel, 5) Rocky Warner, 6) Tim Hartman Jr., 7) Scott Duell, 8) Mark Mortensen, 9) Andy Durie, 10) Anthony Stockman, 11) Chad Edwards, 12) Dale Welty, 13) Jon Miller, 14) Greg McCloskey, 15) Troy Palmer, 16) Fred Proctor, 17) Ivan Joslin, 18) Ray Zemken, 19) Greg Pessalano, 20) Brian Pessalano, 21) Jeremy Pitts, 22) Korey Wilder, 23) Dave Marcuccilli, 24) Mark Hughes, 25) Jeremiah Munson, 26) Rick LaMont, 27) Dave Constantino, 28) John Scarborough, 29) Jack Gentile, 30) Tommy Johnson.

A&B Speed Equipment Time Trial Results ($100 Bonus) – Tyler Dippel (13.051), Tim Sears Jr. (13.111), John Scarborough (13.182), Mark Mortensen (13.205), Dave Marcuccilli (13.252), Cody Clark (13.266), Connor Cleveland (13.278), Brian Krummel (13.281), Scott Duell (13.291), John Marsh Jr. (13.349), Anthony Perrego (13.356), Tim Hartman Jr. (13.362), Rocky Warner (13.430), Jeremiah Munson (13.461), Korey Wilder (13.463), Jack Gentile (13.468), Pete Jeske (13.482), Jeremy Pitts (13.482), Andy Durie (13.492), Brian Pessalano (13.493), Dave Constantino (13.538), Chad Edwards (13.558), Anthony Stockman (13.567), Chuck Steuer (13.570), Rick LaMont (13.579), Greg Pessalano (13.586), Ray Zemken (13.609), Mark Hughes (13.645), Fred Proctor (13.658), Tommy Johnson (13.704), Jon Miller (13.776), Shea Montgomery (13.799), Kurtis Hohensheldt (13.830), Harry Shaffer (13.836), Larry Niemiec (13.841), Ricky Thompson (13.846), Robert Bublak (13.852), Leo Sousie (13.863), Luke Klob (13.927), Troy Palmer (13.939), Ivan Joslin (13.947), Ed Dachenhausen (14.031), Floyd Billington (14.102), Ryan Darcy (14.102), Ricky Davis (14.108), Greg Havlicek (14.189), JJ Courcy (14.204), Jack Swinton (14.223), Mike Ostrander (14.282), Joe Thorne (14.423), Dale Welty (NTA), DJ Brundige (NTA).

Flag2Flag.com 10 Lap Heat Race #1 Results ($50 Bonus/Resin Trophy) – Tim Sears Jr., Brian Krummel, Scott Duell, Anthony Perrego, Tim Hartman Jr., Mark Mortensen, Connor Cleveland, Kurtis Hohensheldt, Ryan Darcy, Joe Thorne, Shea Montgomery. (Heat Winner Also Received $25 Gift Certificate to Capital Motorsports Via SUNY Canton Grit Series)

Flag2Flag.com 10 Lap Heat Race #2 Results ($50 Bonus/Resin Trophy) – Tommy Johnson, Rocky Warner, Andy Durie, Fred Proctor, JJ Courcy, Dave Constantino, Greg Havlicek, Jack Swinton, Ricky Thompson, Ed Dachenhausen. (Heat Winner Also Received $25 Gift Certificate to Capital Motorsports Via SUNY Canton Grit Series)

Flag2Flag.com 10 Lap Heat Race #3 Results ($50 Bonus/Resin Trophy) – Jack Gentile, Jeremy Pitts, Rick LaMont, Troy Palmer, Jeremiah Munson, Mark Hughes, Larry Niemiec, Chad Edwards, Greg McCloskey (DQ/Mixed Wheels), Chuck Steuer (DQ/Inboard Pan Hard Adjustment). (Heat Winner Also Received $25 Gift Certificate to Capital Motorsports Via SUNY Canton Grit Series)

Flag2Flag.com 10 Lap Heat Race #4 Results ($50 Bonus/Resin Trophy) – John Scarborough, Anthony Stockman, Greg Pessalano, Jon Miller, Leo Sousie, Dale Welty, DJ Brundige, Ricky Davis, Laudy Hoyenga, Floyd Billington, John Marsh Jr. (Heat Winner Also Received $25 Gift Certificate to Capital Motorsports Via SUNY Canton Grit Series)

Flag2Flag.com 10 Lap Heat Race #5 Results ($50 Bonus/Resin Trophy) – Korey Wilder, Dave Marcuccilli, Tyler Dippel, Robert Bublak, Cody Clark, Mike Ostrander, Brian Pessalano, Harry Shaffer II, Luke Klob, Ivan Joslin, Ray Zemken. (Heat Winner Also Received $25 Gift Certificate to Capital Motorsports Via SUNY Canton Grit Series)

602 Nationals 12 Lap Consi #1 – Anthony Perrego, Jon Miller, Mark Hughes, JJ Courcy, Connor Cleveland, Cody Clark, Chuck Steuer, DJ Brundige, John Marsh Jr., Joe Thorne, Harry Shaffer II, Jack Swinton.

602 Nationals 12 Lap Consi #2 – Mark Mortensen, Jeremiah Munson, Fred Proctor, Robert Bublak, Dale Welty, Greg Havlicek, Chad Edwards, Ed Dachenhausen, Brian Pessalano, Ray Zemken, Ivan Joslin, Ryan Darcy.

602 Nationals 12 Lap Consi #3 – Tim Hartman Jr., Dave Constantino, Troy Palmer, Leo Sousie, Kurtis Hohensheldt, Luke Klob, Mike Ostrander, Larry Niemiec, Ricky Davis, Shea Montgomery, Ricky Thompson.

Mayhem Motorsports 20 Lap B-Main ($200 To Win) – Cody Clark, Ryan Darcy, Greg Havlicek, Luke Klob, Kurtis Hohensheldt, JJ Courcy (DQ/Conduct), Robert Bublak (DNS), Leo Sousie (DNS), Connor Cleveland (DNS), Chuck Steuer (DNS), Ed Dachenhausen (DNS), Mike Ostrander (DNS).

Dodson Construction 602 Nationals Presented By Sowle Enterprises Awards
A&B Speed $100 Fast Timer: Tyler Dippel (13.051) New Track Record

Flag2Flag.com Heat Winners ($50/Resin Trophy: Tim Sears Jr., Tommy Johnson, Jack Gentile, John Scarborough, & Korey Wilder.

Sign Action Productions “Beast Of The Race” Hard Charger Presented By Sorrenti’s Pizzeria and Greg Pessalano Winner: Chad Edwards (29th to 11th)

602 Nationals Lap Leaders:
Tim Sears Jr. (1-65), Brian Krummel (66-75), Tim Sears Jr. (76-80), Brian Krummel (81-86), Tim Sears Jr. (87-91). Rain shortened to 91 laps.
Tim Sears Jr. Lap Money ($991)
Brian Krummel Lap Money ($160)