2016 Nationals



First Two-Time Champion In Event History (2014/2016)

September 12, 2016 By Rob Hazer(Malta, NY) – Tim Hartman Jr. time trailed 19th, finished 5th in the B-Main, and finally qualified through the consolation at the 2016 Northeast Crate Nationals. That didn’t stop ‘Big Time Little Tim’ from storming to the front, taking the lead on lap 37, and holding on to become the first 2-time Nationals Champion.

62 drivers checked in for the Northeast Crate Nationals at Albany-Saratoga on Friday September 9th looking to qualify for the King Of Dirt Racing Series crown jewel. Michael Sabia, Mike Ostrander, Hunter Bates, Chad Edwards, Scott Duell, and Chris Johnson earned Burt’s Tree Service Super Six honors and locked themselves into the main event.

After time trials were complete the stage was set for Next Generation Roofing qualifying mains. Cody Bleau won the B-Main, Connor Cleveland won the C-Main, and Jason Gray won the D-Main, with consolation wins going to Hartman Jr., Andrew Buff, and Doug Flynn. Cody Hunt, Kevin Chaffee, and Jon Miller were awarded KOD series provisionals and the 30-car starting field was set.

Mike Ostrander and Michael Sabia would lead the field to the green flag starting the 100-lap Northeast Crate Nationals. Ostrander would take the lead early, but Chris Johnson claimed second and began pressuring early for the top spot.

Mr. Crate Track USA Scott Duell started 5th and began working his way forward battling with Hunter Bates, Michael Sabia, and Jason Gray. Other heavy hitters battling for top ten spots early on included 2015 Nationals Champion Rocky Warner, Adam Pierson, and Cody Bleau.

Ostrander fought to hold the lead, but Johnson took the top spot on lap eight and began pulling away. The first yellow flag dropped around lap 20 when Connor Cleveland and Chad Edwards locked bumpers heading into turn one. When the separated Cleveland collected up Andrew Buff, JaMike Sowle, and Allison Ricci.

On the restart Johnson resumed the lead leaving Ostrander to battle with Scott Duell for the runner up spot. Cody Bleau had worked his way into the top five running the high side, while Michael Sabia battled to remain top five.

The second yellow flag flew near lap 37 when the aforementioned Scott Duell suffered a flat right rear tire, which sent him pit side to the attention of his crew. The field would restack for another double file restart to thrill the crowd.

On the restart Warner tangled with Hunter Bates and appeared to have damage. He slowed dropping to near 17th position before picking the pace back up. No yellow flew and the 2015 Nationals Champion had his work cut out for him.

At the same time the 2014 Nationals Champion had climbed into the top 12 flexing his muscle on the topside of the speedway. After starting 21st Tim Hartman Jr. had worked his way to second and hunted down leader Chris Johnson. On lap 42 Hartman Jr. grabbed the lead setting the tone for the remainder of the race.

King Of Dirt Series point contender Cody Bleau had who was battling in the top five began to have mechanical issues on the 173 and backslid through the field, while at the same time another point contender, David Shilling, was climbing back through the field after being involved in an early race tangle.

In the later stages of the event with Hartman Jr. leading the way, his teammate Derrick McGrew had worked his way into the top ten along with the 234 of Adam McAuliffe. Around lap 85 McGrew would suffer front-end damage that retired him for the evening, however McAuliffe continued to battle ultimately finishing 6th.

Jason Gray who had worked his way into the top three at one point found himself doing battle with the aforementioned Rocky Warner who had fought his way back into the top five and ultimately finished in the runner up spot. Warner had a late race caution to attempt taking the lead from Hartman Jr., but ‘Big Time Little Tim’ was not going to be denied, as he claimed his 2nd Northeast Crate Nationals title.

Tim Hartman Jr. won followed by Rocky Warner, Chris Johnson, a charging Jeremy Pitts, Adam Pierson, Adam McAuliffe, Mike Tholin, Jason Gray, Michael Sabia, and Floyd Billington rounding out the top ten.


  • Northeast Crate Nationals was again a smashing success. 62 cars on hand tried qualifying for the prestigious race, which saw Tim Hartman Jr. hang on to become the first driver in race history to win it twice.
  • Connor Cleveland became only the 2nd driver in event history to win multiple qualifying events.
  • Burt’s Tree Service Super Six saw only one driver from 2015 time in the top six twice, which was Chad Edwards.
  • Chris Johnson had an impressive run leading some laps and eventually finishing 3rd after 100 laps. His best Nationals finish to date.
  • Jeremy Pitts flexed his muscle at the great race place with another top five finish in the Nationals
  • Adam Pierson once again showed patience and by races end found himself solidly in he top five with a fifth place finish.
  • Other notable top 10 finishers were Adam McAuliffe, Mike Tholin, Jason Gray, Michael Sabia, and Floyd Billington.

SEPTEMBER 9, 2016 1-800-GOT-JUNK KING OF DIRT CRATE SPORTSMAN SERIES PRESENTED BY DODSON CONSTRUCTION, ELMO’S SPEED SUPPLY, & HOOSIER RACING TIRE NORTHEAST CRATE NATIONALS FEATURE RESULTS AT ALBANY-SARATOGA SPEEDWAY (100 LAPS) – 1) Tim Hartman Jr., 2) Rocky Warner, 3) Chris Johnson, 4) Jeremy Pitts, 5) Adam Pierson, 6) Adam McAuliffe, 7) Mike Tholin, 8) Jason Gray, 9) Michael Sabia, 10) Floyd Billington, 11) David Schilling, 12) Dave Constantino, 13) Jack Lehner, 14) Scott Duell, 15) Kevin Chaffee, 16) Andrew Buff, 17) Hunter Bates, 18) Mike Ostrander, 19) Cody Hunt, 20) Allison Ricci, 21) Cody Bleau, 22) Justin Smith, 23) Chris Stevens, 24) Jon Miller, 25) Doug Flynn, 26) Derrick McGrew, 27) Richard Smith, 28) Connor Cleveland, 29) JaMike Sowle, 30) Chad Edwards (DQ).

Burt’s Tree Service Time Trial Results – 1. Michael Sabia (16.798), 2. Mike Ostrander (16.937), 3. Hunter Bates (16.944), 4. Chad Edwards (16.949), 5. Scott Duell (16.982), 6. Chris Johnson (16.985), 7. Cody Bleau (16.988), 8. Andrew Buff (17.004), 9. Jack Lehner (17.020), 10. Adam Pierson (17.021), 11. Floyd Billington (17.023), 12. Rocky Warner (17.061), 13. Adam McAuliffe (17.066), 14. Connor Cleveland (17.080), 15. Jeremy Pitts (17.081), 16. Mike Tholin (17.089), 17. Richard Smith (17.098), 18. Jason Gray (17.100), 19. Tim Hartman Jr. (17.101), 20. JaMike Sowle (17.108), 21. Doug Flynn (17.111), 22. Chris Stevens (17.155), 23. Derrick McGrew (17.166), 24. Brian Pessolano (17.198), 25. Chris Schaffer (17.211), 26. Jack Gentile (17.211), 27. Aaron Burton (17.233), 28. Dave Constantino (17.242), 29. Brian Calabrese (17.252), 30. Allison Ricci (17.257), 31. Jon Miller (17.313), 32. Justin Smith (17.316), 33. Josh Neal (17.321), 34. Dan Santabarbara (17.325), 35. Corey Cormier (17.326), 36. Joe Orlando (17.337), 37. Darryl Nutting (17.377), 38. Derrick Bornt (17.383), 39. Doug Hancock (17.384), 40. Chris Ronca (17.389), 41. Pat Jones (17.392), 42. James Meehan (17.412), 43. Kevin Ward (17.420), 44. Mike Barrett (17.429), 45. Cody Hunt (17.431), 46. Ricky Quick (17.439), 47. Adam Gage (17.462), 48. David Schilling (17.473), 49. Don Bellen (17.494), 50. Luke Klob (17.513), 51. Jim Morgan (17.567), 52. Tony Farone (17.631), 53. Jack Swinton (17.652), 54. Mike Coffey Jr. (17.685), 55. Kevin Chaffee (17.733), 56. Gary Derocher (17.856), 57. Scott Bennett Jr. (17.916), 58. Reggie Bonner (17.936), 59. Dylan Bokus (17.961), 60. Matt Atwood (18.046), 61. Travis Billington (18.828), 62. Diana Huyck (19.849).

Next Generation Roofing KOD Sportsman B-Main Results (15 Laps) – CODY BLEAU, Adam Pierson, Adam McAuliffe, Chris Stevens, Tim Hartman Jr., Mike Tholin, Dan Santabarbara, Chris Ronca, Kevin Ward, Ricky Quick, Kevin Chaffee, Tony Farone, Don Bellen, Travis Billington, Chris Schaffer, Dave Constantino, Jon Miller, Darryl Nutting, Reggie Bonner.

Next Generation Roofing KOD Sportsman C-Main Results (15 Laps) – CONNOR CLEVELAND, Floyd Billington, JaMike Sowle, Derrick McGrew, Andrew Buff, Justin Smith, Richard Smith, Corey Cormier, Derek Bornt, Luke Klob, Adam Gage, Pat Jones, Mike Barrett, Brian Calabrese, Dylan Bokus, Gary Derocher, Jack Gentile, Diana Huyck, Jack Swinton.

Next Generation Roofing KOD Sportsman D-Main Results (15 Laps) – JASON GRAY, Rocky Warner, Jeremy Pitts, Jack Lehner, Doug Flynn, Allison Ricci, Brian Pessolano, David Schilling, Aaron Burton, Mike Coffey Jr., James Meehan, Cody Hunt, Jim Morgan, Doug Hancock, Joe Orlando, Scott Bennett Jr., Matt Atwood, Josh Neal.

KOD Sportsman Consi #1 Results (8 Laps) – Tim Hartman Jr., Mike Tholin, Dave Constantino, Kevin Chaffee, Tony Farone, Kevin Ward, Ricky Quick, Chris Ronca, Travis Billington, Dan Santabarbara, Jon Miller, Diana Huyck, Don Bellen, Chris Schaffer, Darryl Nutting.

KOD Sportsman Consi #2 Results (8 Laps) – Andrew Buff, Richard Smith, Justin Smith, Mike Barrett, Derek Bornt, Corey Cormier, Jack Swinton, Adam Gage, Pat Jones, Jack Gentile, Brian Calabrese, Luke Klob, Gary Derocher, Dylan Bokus, Josh Neal.

KOD Sportsman Consi #3 Results (8 Laps) – Doug Flynn, Allison Ricci, David Schilling, Brian Pessolano, Mike Coffey Jr., Cody Hunt, Joe Orlando, James Meehan, Jim Morgan, Scott Bennett Jr., Reggie Bonner, Aaron Burton, Doug Hancock, Matt Atwood.

Did Not Qualify – Matt Atwood, Mike Barrett, Don Bellen, Scott Bennett Jr., Travis Billington, Dylan Bokus, Reggie Bonner, Derek Bornt, Aaron Burton, Brian Calabrese, Mike Coffey, Corey Cormier, Gary Derocher, Tony Farone, Adam Gage, Jack Gentile, Douglas Hancock, Diana Huyck, Pat Jones, Luke Klob, James Meehan, Jim Morgan, Josh Neal, Daryl Nutting, Joe Orlando, Brian Pessalano, Ricky Quick, Chris Ronca, Dan Santabarbara, Chris Schaffer, Bob Schmidt, Jack Swinton, Kevin Ward.

Dirt Track Digest Lap Leaders – Mike Ostrander (1-8), Chris Johnson (9-41), Tim Hartman Jr. (42-100).

Saratoga Masonry Hard Charger – Tim Hartman Jr. (22nd to 1st).

Redline Graphics Newcomer Of The Race – Scott Duell (14th).

Burt’s Tree Service ‘Super Six’ ($100 Bonuses) – Michael Sabia, Mike Ostrander, Hunter Bates, Chad Edwards, Scott Duell, Chris Johnson.

Fast Time Of The Day – Michael Sabia (16.798).

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