Erick Rudolph Claims Victoria Win Worth $3,000 At Utica Rome During King Of Dirt Racing Small Block Event


July 9, 2017 (Vernon, NY) – Sunday at Utica Rome Speedway race fans were treated to a King Of Dirt Racing Small Block Modified special known as Victoria. She was fast, she was intense, and she was a smashing success. At the end of the 40-lap main event, Erick Rudolph claimed his first ever feature win at the action track of the east in a big way.

Matt DeLorenzo and Ryan Susice led the 31 car starting field to the green flag, but it was Jessey Mueller who quickly bolted into the lead on lap one.

A yellow slowed the field on lap five and set up a restart that saw Erick Rudolph make his move on the high side grabbing the lead. This left Mueller to battle with the likes of DeLorenzo, Susice, and hall of fame driver Allan Johnson battling for top five positions.

Anthony Perrego, Elmo Reckner, Neil Stratton, Mike Mahaney, and Ronnie Johnson were all having a heated battle for top 10 positions until a yellow flew for the slowing 2rj, which saw RJ retire to the pits for the evening.

On the restart Alan Johnson used a powerful outside move to go from fourth to second and set his sights on leader Rudolph. Eyes started to focus on Elmo’s Speed Supply King Of Dirt Racing Small Block Modified point leader Marc Johnson who started 11th after the redraw and by the half way point was just outside the top five.

After a lap 27 yellow slowed the field, Marc Johnson would take advantage of the restart to make some moves. He had already worked his way past Susice and Perrego and then gained position by passing Mueller for third.

Behind him war was waging for top ten spots as Ryan Arbuthnot, Bobby Varin, and Ronnie Davis III were making noise late in the race as they battled with Neil Stratton, Anthony Perrego, and Jeremy Wilder.

Late race cautions slowed the pace and gave the white knight his opportunity to take second from AJ Slideways and set his sights on leader Rudolph. He was able to stay within striking distance, but just couldn’t get past the high flying number 25 of Rudolph who rolled to the $3,000 win. Rounding out the top 10 were Marc Johnson, Alan Johnson, Ryan Susice, Jessey Mueller, Anthony Perrego, Neil Stratton, Ryan Arbuthnot, Ronnie Davis III, and Bobby Varin.

ELMO’S SPEED SUPPLY KING OF DIRT RACING SMALL BLOCK MODIFIED FEATURE RESULTS FROM UTICA ROME SPEEDWAY PRESENTED BY WILBER DUCK CHEVROLET (40 Laps) – 1) Erick Rudolph, 2) Marc Johnson, 3) Alan Johnson, 4) Ryan Susice, 5) Jessey Mueller, 6) Anthony Perrego, 7) Neil Stratton, 8) Ryan Arbuthnot, 9) Ronnie Davis III, 10) Bobby Varin, 11) Matt DeLorenzo, 12) Jeremy Wilder, 13) Elmo Reckner, 14) Jordan McCreadie, 15) Mike Mahaney, 16) Tyler Meeks, 17) Chad Phelps, 18) Brandon Sweet, 19) Alan Barker, 20) Jack Miller, 21) Randy Shantel, 22) Allison Ricci, 23) Michael Sabia, 24) Jason Herrington, 25) Jack Lehner, 26) Rob Pitcher, 27) Brian Gleason, 28) Demetrios Drellos, 29) Randy Chrysler, 30) Bobby Herrington, 31) Ronnie Johnson.

J-Tees Screen Printing Timed Session Results – 1) Marc Johnson (19.143), 2) Erick Rudolph (19.239), 3) Mike Mahaney (19.317), 4) Alan Johnson (19.322), 5) Anthony Perrego (19.363), 6) Ronnie Johnson (19.452), 7) Chad Phelps (19.540), 8) Elmo Reckner (19.547), 9) Ryan Susice (19.572), 10) Neil Stratton (19.666), 11) Steve Way (19.670), 12) Brandon Sweet (19.709), 13) Jordan McCreadie (19.715), 14) Randy Chrysler (19.735), 15) Jason Herrington (19.782), 16) Bobby Herrington (19.782), 17) Ryan Arbuthnot (19.795), 18) Frank Hoard III (19.804), 19) Randy Shantel (19.825), 20) Matt DeLorenzo (19.827), 21) Jack Miller (19.834), 22) Alan Barker (19.844), 23) Brian Gleason (19.872), 24) Ronnie Davis III (19.920), 25) Bobby Varin (19.969), 26) Jeremy Wilder (20.010), 27) Rob Pitcher (20.030), 28) Nick Webb (20.072), 29) Demetrios Drellos (20.093), 30) Tyler Meeks (20.126), 31) Jessey Mueller (20.174), 32) Shaun Pangman (20.203), 33) Nick Lussier (20.253), 34) Dan Humes (20.256), 35) Dave Allen (20.261), 36) Allison Ricci (20.266), 37) Jack Lehner (20.351), 38) Michael Sabia (20.360), 39) Ricky Davis III (20.383), 40) Brett Haas (20.430), 41) Jim Walsh (20.599), 42) CG Morey (20.773), 43) Billy Shantel Jr. (NTA).

King Of Dirt 358 Modified Heat Race #1 Results (8 Laps) – 1)Marc Johnson, 2) Anthony Perrego, 3) Ryan Susice, 4) Ryan Arbuthnot, 5) Jack Miller, 6) Jordan McCreadie, 7) Bobby Varin, 8) Demetrios Drellos, 9) CG Morey, 10) Jack Lehner, 11) Nick Lussier.

King Of Dirt 358 Modified Heat Race #2 Results (8 Laps) – 1) Erick Rudolph, 2) Ronnie Johnson, 3) Neil Stratton, 4) Randy Chrysler, 5) Alan Barker, 6) Jeremy Wilder, 7) Frank Hoard III, 8) Tyler Meeks, 9) Dan Humes, 10) Michael Sabia, 11) Bill Shantel Jr.

King Of Dirt 358 Modified Heat Race #3 Results (8 Laps) – 1) Mike Mahaney, 2) Jessey Mueller, 3) Randy Shantel, 4) Jason Herrington, 5) Brian Gleason, 6) Rob Pitcher, 7) Chad Phelps, 8) Steve Way, 9) Dave Allen, 10) Ricky Davis III, 11) Brett Haas.

King Of Dirt 358 Modified Heat Race #4 Results (8 Laps) – 1) Alan Johnson, 2) Elmo Reckner, 3) Matt DeLorenzo, 4) Bobby Herrington, 5) Ronnie Davis III, 6) Brandon Sweet, 7) Shaun Pangman, 8) Allison Ricci, 9) Nick Webb, 10) Jim Walsh.

King Of Dirt 358 Modified Consolation #1 Results (8 Laps) – 1) Jack Miller, 2) Brian Gleason, 3) Jordan McCreadie, 4) Chad Phelps, 5) Rob Pitcher, 6) Demetrios Drellos, 7) Bobby Varin, 8) CG Morey, 9) Steve Way, 10) Ricky Davis III, 11) Jack Lehner, 12) Dave Allen, 13) Nick Lussier, 14) Brett Haas.

King Of Dirt 358 Modified Consolation #2 Results (8 Laps) – 1) Alan Barker, 2) Brandon Sweet, 3) Ronnie Davis III, 4) Jeremy Wilder, 5) Tyler Meeks, 6) Nick Webb, 7) Frank Hoard III, 8) Michael Sabia, 9) Allison Ricci, 10) Shaun Pangman, 11) Dan Humes, 12) Jim Walsh, 13) Billy Shantel Jr.

Lap Leaders – Jessey Mueller (1-5), Erick Rudolph (6-40).
J-Tees Screen Printing Fast Timer – Marc Johnson (19.143).
Hoosier Tire Hard Charger – Ronnie Davis III (9th)
Newcomer Of The Race – Jessey Mueller
Fast Axle Super Sixth $50 Bonus – Anthony Perrego

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