DriverCar#DivHome Track(s)
Adam Piper66602Devil’s Bowl Speedway
Addison Bowman12602Utica Rome Speedway
Alan Fink28602Brewerton Speedway
Thunder Mountain Speedway
Anthony Warren60W602Devil’s Bowl Speedway
Austin Cooper11C602Fulton Speedway
Brendan Gibbons24B 32D602Albany-Saratoga Speedway
Fonda Speedway
Glen Ridge Motorsports Park
Brett Mortensen1B602Fonda Speedway
Brian Borst69602Utica Rome Speedway
Brian Whittemore36602Devil’s Bowl Speedway
Cedric Gauvreau22C602Cornwall Motor Speedway
Mohawk International Raceway
Chad Edwards10%602Fonda Speedway
Chris Lynch74602Lebanon Valley Speedway
Chris Mackey3602Fulton Speedway
Utica Rome Speedway
Cody Manmiller00SPTGrandview Speedway
Cody McPhearson7602Humberstone Speedway
Merrittville Speedway
Dakota Kohler59SPTGrandview Speedway
David Rogers44602Can-Am Speedway
Fulton Speedway
DJ Gonyo04602Mohawk International Raceway
Dustin Bradley83D602Mohawk International Raceway
Gabriel Cyr94602Cornwall Motor Speedway
Garrett Poland17602Glen Ridge Motorsports Park
Gary Smith7UP602Afton Motorsports Park
Five Mile Point Speedway
Hunter Lapp60602Thunder Mountain Speedway
Jamy Begor19602Airborne Speedway
Jason Bruno66B602Airborne Speedway
Jason Gray00602Bear Ridge Speedway
Jessica Power52602Brockville Ontario Speedway
Can-Am Speedway
Jim Nagle10602Albany-Saratoga
Jimmy Davis24602Devil’s Bowl Speedway
Jimmy Leiby9LSPTGrandview Speedway
Joe Kline19J602Fulton Speedway
Joe Toth9 14602New Egypt Speedway
Johnny Bruno22602Devil’s Bowl Speedway
Josh Masterson11X602Devil’s Bowl Speedway
Joshua Pete84P602Mohawk International Raceway
Justin Desrosiers29D602Cornwall Motor Speedway
Justin Severance4J602Fonda Speedway
Kyle Smith77SPTGrandview Speedway
Mark Fewster411602Mohawk International Raceway
Mark Mortensen1M602Fonda Speedway
Marty Kelly III357602Devil’s Bowl Speedway
Matt Ellery29602Bridgeport Speedway
Matt Janczuk33X602Utica Rome Speedway
Michael Wright78602Airborne Speedway
Mike Fowler410602Can-Am Speedway
Nick Guererri25G602Land Of Legends Raceway
Payton Talbot14T602Fonda Speedway
Utica Rome Speedway
Ricky Quick76602Glen Ridge Motorsports Park
Robert Delormier10602Airborne Speedway
Ryan Barrett21602Genesee Speedway
Ryan Shanahan32RS602Can-Am Speedway
Ryan Simmons20602New Egypt Speedway
Ryan Stabler77E602Cornwall Motor Speedway
Scott Duell14X602Albany-Saratoga Speedway
Shane Powell33S602Lebanon Valley Speedway
Shawn McPheeM2602Devil’s Bowl Speedway
Stacy Jackson22J602Woodhull Speedway
Tanner Siemons5602Devil’s Bowl Speedway
Thomas Cook35602Cornwall Motor Speedway
Mohawk International Raceway
Tiger Chapman271602Can-Am Speedway
Tim Hartman Jr.22602Albany-Saratoga Speedway
Lebanon Valley Speedway
Tim LaDuc54602Devil’s Bowl Speedway
Tom Princiotta32602New Egypt Speedway
Tony Velez21V602Land Of Legends Raceway
Travis Bruno33R602Airborne Speedway
Tyler Corcoran64602Can-Am Speedway
Land Of Legends Raceway
Vince Quenneville78602Devil’s Bowl Speedway
Above listed are the official KOD Sportsman Modified drivers competing for the 2022 series championship. Div=Division. 602=Crate Sportsman. SPT=Open or Combined Crate/Open Sportsman.

Name, car number, and track they will earn points from is visible for all to see. KOD strives to be a transparent series for the drivers in support of the weekend racer.