Hall Of Honors


At King Of Dirt Racing we honor our drivers contributions and achievements with our year-end banquet. Now tour drivers who and those involved off track with King Of Dirt Racing have an opportunity to place their name among those in the Hall Of Honors.

The ‘Hall Of Honors’ is a way to enhance the name of those who support and contribute to King Of Dirt Racing either on or off the track. Our Team will induct drivers into the Hall Of Honors each season based on the following qualifying criteria:

  • Any driver earning the King Of Dirt Racing Award Of Excellence is qualified for the Hall Of Honors.
  • Any driver earning King Of Dirt Racing championships in any division is qualified for the Hall Of Honors.
  • Any person(s) other than drivers who support and encourage the growth of King Of Dirt Racing is qualified for the Hall Of Honors through our newest special award titled Hall Of Honors Appreciation Award.


The below individuals are held at the utmost highest standard by King Of Dirt Racing. They are all champions of their respective fields and we welcome them to the highest honor one can earn while partaking in the quest to be king; welcome to the hall.