Indemnity and Release


DRIVERS HEREBY AGREE that by signing and sending in the 2023 King Of Dirt Racing registration form, they are agreeing to the below Indemnity and Release information, as well as agreeing to abide by all rules, registration fees, and series scoring.

  1. By sending in the King Of Dirt Racing (KOD hereinafter) registration form drivers agree they have fully read and understand all 2023 rules, registration fees, and how series points are scored.
  2. Drivers sending in the KOD registration form understand they must pay registration fees per track and/or series they wish to have finishes scored from and those finishes can be combined towards their best 13 for KOD points. Also, drivers understand they must pay per division they compete in (example: 602 Crate Sportsman and Open Sportsman) at the same track.
  3. Drivers sending in the KOD registration form understand they are the sole spokesperson for themselves and their race team. This covers both spoken and written word along with social media. Drivers agree they are responsible for their conduct and any other member of their team as deemed by track officials should a situation arise. Drivers understand KOD will abide by any decision made at the track level. Drivers also understand and accept any penalty levied as a result of misuse of Social Media including inflammatory, disparaging, or inaccurate comments towards KOD or officials.
  4. Drivers understand that by sending in the KOD registration form they are subject to various technical and safety inspections performed by track officials via track rules to earn series points. It is a drivers responsibility to be aware of and comply with their home tracks rules. Any violations of track rules or conduct policies resulting in any penalties or suspensions will be honored and upheld at the series level by KOD that may result in loss of championship points or registered participant status.
  5. Drivers signing and sending in the KOD registration form understand any decision by their home track officials regarding rule infractions are final and non-negotiable. Drivers understand that disputes or protests of decisions or finishes must go through their home track and not KOD. Drivers understand it is their responsibility to notify KOD Competition Director of Points and Scoring of any dispute under review, which may or may not result in the reinstatement of or loss of points by themselves or a competitor.
  6. Drivers signing and sending in the KOD registration form understand and agree to willingly relinquish any and all rights to initiate any type of legal action against King of Dirt Racing, its officials, sponsors, Bruno Properties, LLC, or any affiliates. If signing driver violates this provision and seek legal action of any sorts against the series, KOD reserves the right to remove their name, points, and standing with the series, as well as seek reimbursement of any and all legal fees. Drivers also understand this may result in their forfeiting of any championship points, monies, and/or awards earned.
  7. By signing and sending in the KOD registration form, drivers grant KOD and its affiliates the non-exclusive rights to use their name, likeness, images, nickname, initials, animation, persona, autograph/signature, voice, biographical info, and/or any other identifying characteristics including images of their racecar whether portrayed in still picture, motion picture, drawings, or other artistic renderings to promote and publicize King of Dirt Racing in any and all media formats.
  8. Drivers signing and sending in the KOD registration form understand and acknowledge that motorsports are dangerous and carry significant risk of personal injury, property damage, and/or death. Drivers do understand that there is no warranty or guarantee of safety, expressed or implied, in their compliance with suggested King of Dirt Racing safety rules or via their home track rules. Drivers fully accept and assume any and all risks that may occur while participating in racing events at their home track with KOD free of responsibility if injured.
  9. Drivers who sign and send in registration to compete for KOD series championships agree they have voluntarily done so of their own free will. They also agree and acknowledge they have read and understand all rules along with Indemnity and Release information. Finally, drivers agree to pay any registration fee required to participate and earn KOD series points based on their home track finishes.