Limited Points


200Danielle Smith**7UPjr5MP
197Chris Crane Jr.*711ALB
197Josh Kane*8FON
197Evan Roberts*50XDBS
197Bubba McPhee*22JDBS
197Taylor Wason*07ALB
197Keegan Nier*34CAN
196Zach Dufel*1HFON
196Michael Arnold*76ALB
196Owen Nier*17CAN
194Kyle Dingman*1DFON
194Paul DeRuyter1PCAN
193Mike Parodi30ALB
190Kevin Ames43LVS
189Ron Delease Jr.116ALB
189Gary English53DBS
188Alex Layn751ALB
187Dakota Green69ALB
187Jason Quenneville813DBS
186AJ Munger75DBS
186Walter Cook47FON
182Justin Lilly44ALB
182John Stanolin6ALB
180Cody O’Brien*27DBS
179Wade Acker367DBS
175Dan Seguin8SALB
170Scott Fitzgerald5VTDBS
168Katrina Bean12DBS
164Bob Kilburn77JDBS
161Matt Jordan5MJDBS
As Of Week Ending 5/22/22. Showing Minimum 2 Races Scored For Registered KOD Drivers. *=Win.

  • ALB=Albany Saratoga, CAN=Can Am, DBS=Devil’s Bowl, 5MP=Five Mile Point, FON=Fonda, GRMP=Glen Ridge, LVS=Lebanon Valley.
  • KOD Points are earned based on the series point system. 100 for 1st, 97 for 2nd, down by 1 point to last. 50 pts for DNS/DNQ.
  • A drivers best 12 finishes AT ONE TRACK count towards their total. (Finishes can’t be combined from multiple tracks)
  • Drivers are encouraged to register multiple tracks, as it does give them another opportunity towards their best week efforts, but only their best track where they earn the most points, will show on the point standings.
  • If drivers tie in KOD points, tie-breaker is wins. Then seconds, thirds, etc.
  • Every race on a drivers home track schedule is an opportunity for them to post a finish towards their best 12. Meaning non points races and fall specials are eligible. There is no limit. If it’s on your tracks schedule, you can use the finish towards your best 12.
  • Only a drivers best track, where they earn the most points, will be listed on the overall standings. If a driver registers multiple tracks that does not mean they earn multiple spots in the final top 15 point standings. Only their best track will be listed.
  • There is a one-time end of year Starting Field Size Bonus awarded to each KOD driver based on the size of their home tracks weekly starting field. 24+-22 (200 pts.), 21-19 (185 pts.), 18-15 (170 pts), 14 or less (155 pts.)