Limited Sportsman Drivers


DriverCar#DivHome Track(s)
AJ Munger75LTDDevil’s Bowl Speedway
Alex Layn751LTDAlbany-Saratoga Speedway
Devil’s Bowl Speedway
Bob Kilburn77JLTDDevil’s Bowl Speedway
Bubba McPhee22JLTDDevil’s Bowl Speedway
Chris Crane Jr711LTDAlbany-Saratoga Speedway
Glen Ridge Motorsports Park
Cody O’Brien27LTDDevil’s Bowl Speedway
Danielle Smith7UPjrLTDFive Mile Point Speedway
Dakota Green69LTDAlbany-Saratoga Speedway
Josh Kane8LTDFonda Speedway
Dan Seguin8SLTDAlbany-Saratoga Speedway
Evan Roberts50XLTDDevil’s Bowl Speedway
Gary English53LTDDevil’s Bowl Speedway
Jason Quenneville813LTDDevil’s Bowl Speedway
John Santolin6LTDAlbany-Saratoga Speedway
Justin Lilly44LTDAlbany-Saratoga Speedway
Devil’s Bowl Speedway
Katrina Bean12LTDDevil’s Bowl Speedway
Keegan Nier34LTDCan-Am Speedway
Kevin Ames43LTDLebanon Valley Speedway
Kyle Dingman1DLTDFonda Speedway
Matt Jordan5MJLTDDevil’s Bowl Speedway
Michael Arnold76LTDAlbany-Saratoga Speedway
Mike Parodi30LTDAlbany-Saratoga Speedway
Owen Nier17LTDCan-Am Speedway
Paul DeRuyter1DLTDCan-Am Speedway
Ron Delease Jr.116LTDAlbany-Saratoga Speedway
Scott Fitzgerald5LTDAlbany-Saratoga Speedway
Devil’s Bowl Speedway
Taylor Wason07LTDAlbany-Saratoga Speedway
Wade Acker367LTDAlbany-Saratoga Speedway
Devil’s Bowl Speedway
Walter Cook47LTDAlbany-Saratoga Speedway
Fonda Speedway
Zach Dufel1HLTDFonda Speedway
Div=Division. LTD=Limited Sportsman.

Listed on this page are registered Limited Sportsman drivers for the 2022 King Of Dirt Racing Series. Name, car number, and track they will earn points from is visible for all to see. KOD strives to be a transparent series for the drivers in support of the weekend racer.