Limited Sportsman Wins

ALL-TIME KOD LIMITED SPORTSMAN WINS: Danielle Smith followed in her fathers footsteps climbing to the top of an all-time win list at King Of Dirt Racing. She earned 7 wins at Five Mile Point Speedway in 2022 moving her to the top of the list in Limited Sportsman wins. #KOD #DareToWin 🏁
Limited Sportsman DriverTour WinsWeekly WinsTTL Wins
Danielle Smith (7UPjr)077
Paul DeRuyter (1D)055
Zach Dufel (1H)055
Kyle Dingman (1D)044
Bubba McPhee (22J)033
Chris Crane Jr (711)033
Evan Roberts (50X)033
Keegan Nier (34)033
Owen Nier (17)033
Cody O’Brien (27)022
Josh Kane (8)022
Kevin Ames (43)022
Mike Parodi (30)022
Taylor Wason (07)022
AJ Munger (75)011
Alex Layn (751)011
Bob Kilburn (77J)011
Dakota Green (69)011
Dan Seguin (8S)011
Gary English (53)011
Jason Quenneville (813)011
Katrina Bean (12)011
Michael Arnold (76)011
Scott Fitzgerald (5VT)011
Wade Acker (367)011

Limited Sportsman Win Stats Compiled via King Of Dirt Racing 2015-2022