694Chad Edwards (5)10%FON
693Payton Talbot (5)14TURS
689Beau Ballard (4)15URS
685Cody Mcpherson (3)7MTV
684Matt Janczuk (2)33XURS
682Joe Toth (3)9NES
681Rob Yetman (3)7ALB
678Josh Coonradt (2)00XURS
677Chris Mackey (3)3FUL
676Luke Horning (1)2HFON
675Hunter Lapp60TMS
673Gary Smith (3)7UPFMP
669Tim Hartman Jr (1)22ALB
668Alan Fink (3)28TMS
667Ryan Simmons (1)20NES
667Stacy Jackson22JWOD
666Travis Bruno (2)33RAIR
665Jamy Begor (1)19AIR
665Kim Duell (1)14ALB
664Robert Delormier (1)10AIR
663Jason Gray (2)00BRS
660Nick Guererri (1)25GLOL
660Tyler Corcoran (1)64LOL
659Garrett Poland17GRS
658Kyle Smith77GVW
658Matt Ellery29BPT
652Ricky Quick (1)76GRS
652Jimmy Leiby9LGVW
651Tom Princiotta32NES
651Zach Sorrentino54SLVS
646Jessica Power (2)52BOS
645Mark Mortensen (1)1MFON
644Ryan Barrett21GEN
634Tim LaDuc (2)54DBS
632Brett Mortensen1BFON
631Tanner Siemons5DBS
630Josh Masterson11XDBS
629Vince Quenneville78DBS
628Johnny Bruno22DBS
627Marty Kelly III357DBS
621Cody Manmiller (1)00GVW
620Dakota Kohler59GVW
617Michael Wright78AIR
609Brendan Gibbons24BFON
609Jim Nagle10ALB
608Joe Kline19FUL
607Jason Bruno33RAIR
607Chris Murray7MALB
605Anthony Warren60WDBS
593Brian Whittemore36DBS
592Addison Bowman12URS
586Tony Velez21VLOL
576Shawn McPheeM2DBS
574Jimmy Davis (1)24DBS
571Adam Piper66DBS
540David Rogers (2)44FUL
534Chris Lynch74LVS
531Shane Powell33SLVS
492Brian Borst69URS
459Mike Fowler410CAN
454Ryan Shanahan32RSCAN
445Dustin Bradley83DMIR
443Scott Duell (1)14XALB
409Tiger Chapman271CAN
391Ryan Stabler (1)77ECWS
390Cedric Gauvreau (1)22CMIR
383DJ Gonyo04MIR
369Gabriel Cyr94CMS
344Joshua Pete84PMIR
336Thomas Cook (1)35MIR
328Austin Cooper11CFUL
324Mark Fewster410MIR
308Justin Desrosiers29DCMS
157Justin Severance4JFON
As Of Week Ending 6/26/22. Showing Minimum 7 Races Scored For Registered KOD Drivers. PLEASE NOTE: If your track hasn’t started or has rain outs, do not worry. You will get to your best 12 finishes and your points will balance out as the season progresses along. Trust the system. ()=Wins.

  • ACD=Accord, AIR-Airborne, ALB=Albany Saratoga, BDS=Big Diamond, BOS=Brockville, BPT=Bridgeport, BRS=Bear Ridge, BRW=Brewerton, CAN=Can Am, CMS=Cornwall, DBS=Devil’s Bowl, FMP=Five Mile, FON=Fonda, FUL=Fulton, GEN-Genesee, GRMP=Glen Ridge, GVW=Grandview, HUM=Humberstone, LOL=Land Of Legends, LVS=Lebanon Valley, MIR=Mohawk, MTV=Merrittville, NES=New Egypt, TMS = Thunder Mountain, URS=Utica Rome, WOD=Woodhull.
  • KOD Points are earned based on the series point system. 100 for 1st, 97 for 2nd, down by 1 point to last. 50 pts for DNS/DNQ.
  • A drivers best 12 finishes AT ONE TRACK count towards their total. (Finishes can’t be combined from multiple tracks)
  • Drivers are encouraged to register multiple tracks, as it does give them another opportunity towards their best week efforts, but only their best track where they earn the most points, will show on the point standings.
  • If drivers tie in KOD points, tie-breaker is wins. Then seconds, thirds, etc.
  • Every race on a drivers home track schedule is an opportunity for them to post a finish towards their best 12. Meaning non points races and fall specials are eligible. There is no limit. If it’s on your tracks schedule, you can use the finish towards your best 12.
  • Only a drivers best track, where they earn the most points, will be listed on the overall standings. If a driver registers multiple tracks that does not mean they earn multiple spots in the final top 15 point standings. Only their best track will be listed.
  • There is a one-time end of year Starting Field Size Bonus awarded to each KOD driver based on the size of their home tracks weekly starting field. 24+-22 (200 pts.), 21-19 (185 pts.), 18-15 (170 pts), 14 or less (155 pts.)
  • Point Standings will be updated each week based on registered KOD drivers and the same MINIMUM amount of scored events. This lessens confusion if one driver has a rain out and another does not, the points will not look lopsided. Then we progress to registered drivers best 12 finishes! Good luck everyone!