Pro Stock Wins

ALL-TIME KOD PRO STOCK WINS: Beau Ballard led the charge of Pro Stock competitors to move atop the all-time King Of Dirt Racing Pro Stock win list with 8 weekly wins in 2022. Nick Stone remains top tour winner with 4. #KOD #DareToWin 🏁

Pro Stock DriverTour WinsWeekly WinsTTL Wins
Beau Ballard (15)088
Josh Coonradt (00X)077
Luke Horning (2H)145
Nick Stone (27)404
Rob Yetman (7)134
Jason Casey (324)202
Kenny Martin Jr (93)202
Robbie Speed (24S)202
Chuck Dumblewski (7D)101
Dan Older (97)101
Daniel Sanchez (413)101
Jay Casey (322)101
Jay Corbin (8)101
Kim Duell (14)011
Rich Crane (711)101
Zach Sorrentino (54S)011

Pro Stock Win Stats Compiled via King Of Dirt Racing 2015-2022