Pro Stock Wins

ALL-TIME KOD PRO STOCK WINS: Nick Stone was as advertised on tour with KOD, a manimal. He stormed to the top of the all-time win list with four victories, which included a championship. #KOD #DareToWin 🏁

27Nick Stone409/16/18
324Jason Casey208/25/18
93Kenny Martin Jr209/17/17
24sRobbie Speed207/17/17
711Rich Crane107/22/18
322Jay Casey108/26/17
7dChuck Dumblewski108/20/17
7Rob Yetman106/18/17
463Daniel Sanchez108/27/16
97Dan Older107/08/16
2hLuke Horning106/12/16
8Jay Corbin108/29/15

Pro Stock Win Stats Compiled via King Of Dirt Racing 2015-2022