Sportsmanship Award

SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD: Another award King Of Dirt Racing honors drivers with by division is the Sportsmanship Award. KOD looks for drivers who display courteous behavior in the spirit of contest. Gracious in victory, and humble in defeat. Congrats SA winners! #KOD #SA 👑
YearDriverAward TitleDivision
2022Marty Kelly IIISportsmanshipSportsman Modified
Mike ParodiSportsmanshipLimited Sportsman
Kim DuellSportsmanshipPro Stock
2020Tanner SiemonsSportsmanshipSportsman Modified
2019Frank Hoard IIISportsmanshipSportsman Modified
2018CG MoreySportsmanshipSmall Block Modified
Chad EdwardsSportsmanshipSportsman Modified
Rich CraneSportsmanshipPro Stock
2017Jason HerringtonSportsmanshipSmall Block Modified
David SchillingSportsmanshipSportsman Modified
Jason CaseySportsmanshipPro Stock
2016Andrew BuffSportsmanshipSportsman Modified
Dean CharbonneauSportsmanshipPro Stock
2015Tim HodgeSportsmanshipSportsman Modified
Robbie SpeedSportsmanshipPro Stock

Stats Compiled via King Of Dirt Racing 2015-2022