2017 Nationals



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Written By Rob Hazer

Epic Battle With Schilling, Marcuccilli, Pitts, & Edwards At Malta

September 11, 2017 (Malta, NY) – Rocky Warner and hurricanes have a lot in common. They storm in, shake things up, and leave with the green. That’s exactly what happened Friday night September 8th when the ‘Flying Squirrel’ breezed through time trails to the A-Main, diced it up with some heavy hitters, and left with the $2,225 winners share.

The seventh edition of the Northeast Crate Nationals began with time trials to lock in the Burt’s Tree Service Super Six. Connor Cleveland, Rocky Warner, Brian Pessolano, Jeremy Pitts, Andrew Buff, & James Meehan locked themselves into the A-Main and would await the redraw.

Next up were the Next Generation Roofing qualifying mains presented by Adirondac Leather. Tim Hartman Jr. (B-Main), Adam Pierson (C-Main), and Chad Edwards (D-Main) were victorious locking themselves into the A-Main and redraw.

Jeremy Pitts and David Schilling would lead the 30-car field to the green flag at the Nationals, with Schilling taking the early lead. Pitts would tuck in second with Cleveland trailing. Andrew Buff, Brian Pessolano, and Rocky Warner were engaged in battle as well with Tim Hartman Jr. and Adam Pierson just behind them.

Chad Edwards who started 11th on the grid was working his way forward and by lap 12 had moved into 6th. The man he’s chasing in KOD/DIRTcar East Region Sportsman Series points Rocky Warner used a three wide move around Hartman Jr. and Pessolano to move into the top five before going past Pitts for second and closing in on Schilling.

On lap 19 Warner made his move in turn two taking the lead from Schilling and began to run away in traffic. While that was happening Tim Hartman Jr. had found something on the high side to his liking. He took the long way around Cleveland and Pitts to find himself third.
Yellow flew for the first time on lap 32 when Michael Sabia had an engine expire in turn four. The top five at the point was Warner, Schilling, Hartman, Pitts, and Cleveland.

On the restart Warner would reassume control of the top spot, while some new players were flexing their muscle. Dave Constantino riding the high side moved into the top five and David Marcuccilli began challenging Chad Edwards for the sixth position.

At the halfway point it was all Warner who was in traffic again, but behind him Hartman Jr. and Schilling were battling for the runner up spot. The top 10 was full of who’s who in Sportsman Modified racing.

Yellow flew fore a second time on lap 60 when Dave Constantino slowed with a flat tire. Connor Cleveland also having troubles went pit side, but returned to the field ending his top 10 run. Utica Rome regular Will Shields also retired to the pits during the caution period.

On the restart once again new faces were joining the top 10 party, as JaMike Sowle found himself moving up to the number 8 position and KillerCrate Newcomer Of The Year Jeff Watson danced his way into the 9th position. Just behind him Josh Sunn and Scott Duell were starting to get things going.

Warner still strong on the front, Schilling still solid in second, and the battle for 3rd still raging between Jeremy Pitts and Tim Hartman Jr. Just behind them Chad Edwards and Brian Pessolano battled for the 5th position.

Yellow flew for the third time on lap 80 for Scott Duell who had his productive day come to an end after clipping an implement tire in turn four. The field would restack for what would be a nail biting finish to the Northeast Crate Nationals.

On the restart Warner would find himself under fire, as in turn one Chad Edwards went from 4th to 1st taking the lead off turn two. At the same time Schilling pressured low and they were three wide off turn four. Just behind them Dave Marcuccilli was watching it all unfold in 5th.

Warner took a few laps to regain his early race momentum and took the lead back from Edwards. Marcuccilli from 4th to 2nd, as Warner battled to hold of Edwards he snuck into the runner up spot.

Despite dominating early and then fending off hard challenges later in the event, Rocky Warner earned his second Northeast Crate Nationals victory. Dave Marcuccilli, Jeremy Pitts, David Schilling, Chad Edwards, Tim Hartman Jr., Brian Pessolano, Josh Sunn, Jeff Watson, and Adam Pierson rounded out the top 10.


  • 62 drivers signed in for the Dodson Construction Northeast Crate Nationals presented by Fastline Extreme Speed & Performance, 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, Andy’s Speed Shop, Buff’s Auto Service, Burt’s Tree Service, and Next Generation Roofing.
  • Rocky Warner earned his 7th career KOD/DIRTcar East Sportsman tour win. During post race tech a fellow competitor’s car owner protested Rocky Warner’s 1j. Officials pulled the motor and it’s pending inspection at Hunt’s Machine Shop with DIRTcar tech officials.
  • Dave Marcuccilli had never seen the great race place as a driver until Friday. He found his stride and proved he’s one of the best in the Sportsman Modified ranks by earning a strong 2nd place run in the Nationals.
  • Brain Pessolano had himself a solid run finishing 7th during the 2017 Nationals.
    A year ago Josh Sunn was injured in a serious car accident. This year he was a top 10 driver in the Nationals with a solid 8th place run.
  • Jeff Watson is literally a rookie at Albany Saratoga. With maybe only 4 starts to his credit at the great race place he charged from 20th to 9th during the Nationals.
  • Adam Leslie made the trip down from up North in Canada to race the Nationals and get his first glimpse of the great race place. He’d start deep in the field after qualifying through the consolation, but by races end he earned a respectable 11th place finish.

SEPTEMBER 8, 2017 KING OF DIRT RACING DIRTcar EAST SPORTSMAN SERIES NORTHEAST CRATE NATIONALS PRESENTED BY DODSON CONSTRUCTION, FASTLINE EXTREME SPEED AND PERFORMANCE, ANDY’S SPEED SHOP, 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, BUFF’S AUTO SERVICE, BURTS TREE SERVICE, & NEXT GENERATION ROOFING A-MAIN RESULTS AT ALBANY SARATOGA SPEEDWAY (100 Laps) – 1) Rocky Warner, 2) Dave Marcuccilli, 3) Jeremy Pitts, 4) David Schilling, 5) Chad Edwards, 6) Tim Hartman Jr., 7) Brian Pessolano, 8) Josh Sunn, 9) Jeff Watson, 10) Adam Pierson, 11) Adam Leslie, 12) Kevin Chaffee, 13) James Meehan, 14) Hunter Bates, 15) Chris Johnson, 16) Mike Coffey Jr., 17) Darryl Nutting, 18) Jason Gray, 19) Mike Ostrander, 20) Jim Morgan, 21) Rob Maxon, 22) Connor Cleveland, 23) Pat Jones, 24) JaMike Sowle, 25) Scott Duell, 26) Dave Constantino, 27) Will Shields, 28) Andrew Buff, 29) Michael Sabia, 30) Justin Barber.

Next Generation Roofing B-Main Results (15 Laps) – 1) Tim Hartman Jr., 2) David Schilling, 3) Hunter Bates, 4) JaMike Sowle, 5) Darryl Nutting, 6) Jeff Watson, 7) Dave Baronowski, 8) Michael Sabia, 9) Pat Jones, 10) Jesse Edwards, 11) Josh Neil, 12) Ron George Jr., 13) Mike Parodi, 14) Robert Bublak Jr., 15) Scott Duell, 16) William August, 17) Jon Miller, 18) Reggie Bonner, 19) Jack Swinton.

Next Generation Roofing C-Main Results (15 Laps) – 1) Adam Pierson, 2) Mike Coffey Jr., 3) Jason Gray, 4) Josh Sunn, 5) Rob Maxon, 6) Adam Leslie, 7) Mike Ostrander, 8) Will Shields, 9) Stephen Kneer, 10) Dan Santabarbara, 11) Paolo Parcarella, 12) Joe Orlando, 13) Fred Proctor, 14) Chris Ronca, 15) Ryan Heath, 16) Reggie Bonner, 17) Ron Proctor, 18) Montgomery Tremont.

Next Generation Roofing D-Main Results (15 Laps) – 1) Chad Edwards, 2) Dave Constantion, 3) Dave Marcuccilli, 4) Kevin Chaffee, 5) Chris Johnson, 6) Jim Morgan, 7) Mike Block, 8) Justin Barber, 9) Nick Fretto, 10) Justin Smith, 11) Michael W. Fitzgerald, 12) Lem Atkins, 13) Lou Torres, 14) Scott Bennett, 15) Justin Buff, 16) Travis Billington, 17) Jacob Volpi, 18) Anthony Alger.

Adirondac Leather Consolation #1 Results (10 Laps) – 1) Rob Maxon, 2) Darryl Nutting, 3) Mike Ostrander, 4) Chris Johnson, 5) Pat Jones, 6) Joe Orlando, 7) Scott Duell, 8) Josh Neil, 9) Stephen Kneer, 10) Dan Santabarbara, 11) Michael W. Fitzgerald, 12) Lou Torres, 13) Justin Buff, 14) Chris Ronca, 15) Nick Fretto, 16) Mike Block, 17) Mike Parodi, 18) Jon Miller, 19) Dave Baranowski, 20) Reggie Bonner, 21) Jacob Volpi, 22) Jack Swinton.

Adirondac Leather Consolation #2 Results (10 Laps) – 1) Jeff Watson, 2) Adam Leslie, 3) Jim Morgan, 4) Will Shields, 5) Justin Barber, 6) Jesse Edwards, 7) Michael Sabia, 8) Paolo Pascarella, 9) Floyd Billington, 10) Scott Bennett, 11) Ron Proctor, 12) Travis Billington, 13) Robert Bublak Jr., 14) Justin Smith, 15) Lem Atkins, 16) Ryan Heath, 17) Fred Proctor, 18) Ron George Jr., 19) Montgomery Tremont, 20) Bill August, 21) Anthony Alger.

DNQ – Joe Orlando, Josh Neil, Stephen Kneer, Dan Santabarbara, Michael W. Fitzgerald, Lou Torres, Justin Buff, Chris Ronca, Nick Fretto, Mike Block, Mike Parodi, Jon Miller, Dave Baranowski, Reggie Bonner, Jacob Volpi, Jack Swinton, Jesse Edwards, Paolo Pascarella, Floyd Billington, Scott Bennett, Ron Proctor, Travis Billington, Robert Bublak Jr., Justin Smith, Lem Atkins, Ryan Heath, Fred Proctor, Ron George Jr., Mongtomery Tremont, Bill August, Anthony Alger.

Burt’s Tree Service Super Six – Connor Cleveland, Rocky Warner, Brian Pessolano, Jeremy Pitts, Andrew Buff, & James Meehan.
Next Generation Roofing Qualifying Main Winners – Tim Hartman Jr. (B-Main), Adam Pierson (C-Main), & Chad Edwards (D-Main).
DTD Lap Leaders – David Schilling (1-19), Rocky Warner (20-38), David Schilling (39), Rocky Warner (40-82), Chad Edwards (83-85), Rocky Warner (86-100).
Hoosier Tire Hard Charger – Dave Marcuccilli (+13)
Fast Axle Superior Sixth – Tim Hartman Jr. ($50 Certificate)
J-Tees Fast Timer – Connor Cleveland (16.586)
Killer Crate Newcomer Of The Race – Jeff Watson (9th)

05/28/17-Devil’s Bowl Speedway-Chad Edwards (Winner)
06/18/17-Utica-Rome-Speedway-Rocky Warner (Winner)
07/15/17-Lebanon-Valley-Speedway-Jeff Watson (Winner)
08/15/17-Albany Saratoga-Speedway-Rocky Warner (Winner)
08/20/17-Utica Rome-Speedway-Rocky Warner (Winner)
08/31/17-Lebanon Valley Speedway-Michael Sabia (Winner)
09/08/17-Albany Saratoga Speedway-Rocky Warner (Winner)
09/22/17-Fonda Speedway-Rocky Warner (Winner)

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