REMINDER: Reading, understanding, and compliance with all King of Dirt Racing rules and/or regulations is YOUR responsibility. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

DOWNLOAD: 2020 King of Dirt Racing Crate Modified Series Rules

DOWNLOAD: 2020 KOD Competitor Registration Form

2020 King of Dirt Racing Crate Modified Series “Basic Rules To Know”

  1. TIRES: Hoosier D300, D400, or D500 only (unless otherwise noted).
  2. WEIGHT: Minimum weight 2,400 lbs. with driver race-ready in seat.
  3. ENGINES: General Motors Crate Engine Part #88958602, #19258602, or #88869602 is the only engine package permitted, with GM factory seals.
  4. REV BOXES: MSD Part #8727CT only, limited to 6,200 RPM.
  5. FUEL: Maximum Octane 98.  No additives or mixing of fuels.
  6. PAYOUT: All King of Dirt Racing payouts are done by the KOD Member Tracks.  It will be the responsibility of each team to complete and submit a W-9 Tax Form at each track during the 2020 season.

2020 King of Dirt Racing Formats

  • All drivers are required to sign in at the King of Dirt Racing registration table at each event.  Drivers must draw a lineup number and submit payment for race entry ($20 at most events).
  • All KOD events will utilize the draw/redraw format, unless otherwise noted.
  • Double-file restarts are the preferred method.  In the event that a lap is not completed after a caution period, the second attempt at the restart will be single-file.  Restarts will then revert to double-file, providing a satisfactory amount of laps have been completed.
  • The leader has lane choice (inside or outside) and is the control car to set the pace at the designated start/restart point. Control cars are expected to maintain a steady pace on restarts. On original starts, the front row fires together at the designated point.
  • In the event of a yellow flag with one lap remaining – even if the leader has taken the white flag – there will be up to three attempts at a two-lap “green-white-checkered” restart.

*NEW* 2020 King of Dirt Racing Point System

  • REGULAR EVENTS: 1st – 50, 2nd – 48, 3rd – 46, descending by 2 points per position to a minimum of 10 points (21st place and lower).
  • DNQ REGULAR EVENTS: 10 Points.
  • DNS REGULAR EVENTS: Last-Place position, minus-2 points (minimum 10 points).
  • QUALIFYING HEATS: 1st – 5, 2nd – 4, 3rd – 3, 4th – 2, 5th – 1, all other starters – 1.
  • NORTHEAST CRATE NATIONALS EVENTAll point values doubled.

2020 Driver Eligibility Rules

  • Any driver competing in a Sportsman Modified or similar division based on the GM “602” Crate Engine platform, or in any lower-ranking division, is eligible to compete and earn championship points.
  • Drivers may not compete in more than ONE (1) event in a Big Block Modified or a Small Block “358” Modified in 2020.  Upon competing in two (2) or more such events, driver will forfeit all KOD Crate Modified Series points earned to date and will be ineligible to earn additional points for the balance of the season.
  • Drivers not meeting above criteria may be evaluated on an individual, case-by-case basis, and exceptions may be made in rare instances.  KOD officials will have final discretion with all drivers.
  • Big Block/Small Block Modified drivers who are also regular competitors in a weekly Sportsman-level division at a KOD Member Track will be permitted to compete in KOD events at their home track event(s) only.  These drivers will be eligible for purse money but will not earn KOD points.