Award Winners

AWARD WINNERS: Welcome to the main awards page of the History section at Below is a comprehensive list of all-time award winners. Be sure to visit each section of awards for detailed recipients. Thank you for your interest and support of the series and congratulations to all who have earned KOD honors! #KOD #Honors đź‘‘

6Robbie SpeedPro Stock
6Rocky WarnerSportsman Modified
5Connor ClevelandSportsman Modified
4David SchillingSportsman Modified
4Jason CaseySportsman Modified
4Nick StonePro Stock
3Adam PiersonSportsman Modified
3Allison RicciSmall Block Modified
3Brian CalabreseSportsman Modified
3Chad EdwardsSportsman Modified
3Chuck DumblewskiPro Stock
3Cody BleauSportsman Modified
3Dean CharbonneauPro Stock
3Marc JohnsonSmall Block Modified
3Michael SabiaSportsman Modified
3Scott DuellSportsman Modified
2Andrew BuffSportsman Modified
2Bobby VarinSmall Block Modified
2Cody HuntSportsman Modified
2Dan OlderPro Stock
2Daniel SanchezPro Stock
2Demetrios DrellosSmall Block Modified
2Elmo RecknerSmall Block Modified
2Jason HerringtonSmall Block Modified
2Jessey MuellerSmall Block Modified
2Jon RouthierPro Stock
2Rich CranePro Stock
2Rob MaxonSportsman Modified
2Rob YetmanPro Stock
2Tim HodgeSportsman Modified
1Adam GageSportsman Modified
1Bobby Hackel IVSportsman Modified
1Brev HayesHall Of Honors
1Brian GleasonSmall Block Modified
1Brian PessolanoSportsman Modified
1Byron WescottPro Stock
1CG MoreySmall Block Modified
1Chris RecknerHall Of Honors
1Chris SchafferSportsman Modified
1Dave SticklesPro Stock
1Devon CamengaPro Stock
1Don RoncaSmall Block Modified
1Evan RobertsLimited Sportsman
1Frank Hoard IIISportsman Modified
1Gus HollnerPro Stock
1Jamy BegorSportsman Modified
1Jason GraySportsman Modified
1Jason MeltzPro Stock
1Jay CaseyPro Stock
1Jeff WatsonSportsman Modified
1Joey ScarboroughSportsman Modified
1Josh MastersonSportsman Modified
1Justin ComesSportsman Modified
1Kenny Martin Jr.Pro Stock
1Kim DuellPro Stock
1Luke HorningPro Stock
1Lyle DeVoreHall Of Honors
1Marty Kelly IIISportsman Modified
1Matt PupelloSmall Block Modified
1Michael W. FitzgeraldSportsman Modified
1Mike FisherSportsman Modified
1Mike WaltonHall Of Honors
1Nick ArnoldPro Stock
1Ricky QuickSportsman Modified
1Rob HazerHall Of Honors
1Tanner SiemonsSportsman Modified
1Tim Hartman Jr.Sportsman Modified

Stats Compiled via King Of Dirt Racing 2015-2022