Award Winners

AWARD WINNER: The Award Of Excellence is the highest honor bestowed upon a driver by King Of Dirt Racing for their contributions off the track, as well as on it. 2017 AOW winner Allison Ricci made noise via her gritty performance at LVS finishing 2nd and rallied to raise money for Miles Of Hope Breast Cancer research. #KOD #AOW #DareToWin 👑

YearDriverAward TitleDivision
2019Elmo/Chris RecknerAward Of ExcellenceElmo’s Speed
Brian CalabreseMost Popular DriverSportsman
Brian CalabreseBicknell Top DriverSportsman
Joey ScarboroughMemorable MomentSportsman
Mike FisherUltimate UnderdogSportsman
Michael W. FitzgeraldNewcomer Of The YearSportsman
Frank Hoard IIISportsmanship AwardSportsman
2018Bobby VarinAward Of ExcellenceSmall Block
Connor ClevelandDriver Of The YearSportsman
CG MoreySportsmanship AwardSmall Block
Chad EdwardsSportsmanship AwardSportsman
Rich CraneSportsmanship AwardPro Stock
Don RoncaNewcomer Of The YearSmall Block
Ricky QuickNewcomer Of The YearSportsman
Nick ArnoldNewcomer Of The YearPro Stock
Demetrios DrellosMemorable MomentSmall Block
Brian CalabreseMemorable MomentSportsman
Rich CraneMemorable MomentPro Stock
Jason HerringtonMost Popular DriverSmall Block
Connor ClevelandMost Popular DriverSportsman
Chuck DumblewskiMost Popular DriverPro Stock
Rob MaxonBicknell Top DriverSportsman
Matt PupelloUltimate UnderdogSmall Block
Marty Kelly IIIUltimate UnderdogSportsman
Dave SticklesUltimate UnderdogPro Stock
Jessy MuellerDivision AppreciationSmall Block
Michael SabiaDivision AppreciationSportsman
Jon RouthierDivision AppreciationPro Stock
2017Allison RicciAward Of ExcellenceSmall Block
Rocky WarnerDriver Of The YearSportsman
Jason HerringtonSportsmanship AwardSmall Block
David SchillingSportsmanship AwardSportsman
Jason CaseySportsmanship AwardPro Stock
Jessy MuellerNewcomer Of The YearSmall Block
Jeff WatsonNewcomer Of The YearSportsman
Jason MeltzNewcomer Of The YearPro Stock
Marc JohnsonMemorable MomentSmall Block
Chad EdwardsMemorable MomentSportsman
Jay CaseyMemorable MomentPro Stock
Allison RicciMost Popular DriverSmall Block
Rocky WarnerMost Popular DriverSportsman
Chuck DumblewskiMost Popular DriverPro Stock
Brian PessolanoBicknell Top DriverSportsman
Brian GleasonUltimate UnderdogSmall Block
Rob MaxonUltimate UnderdogSportsman
Devon CamengaUltimate UnderdogPro Stock
Marc JohnsonLap LeaderSmall Block
Rocky WarnerLap LeaderSportsman
Kenny Martin JrLap LeaderPro Stock
Elmo RecknerHard LuckSmall Block
Scott DuellHard LuckSportsman
Kim DuellHard LuckPro Stock
Demetrios DrellosHard ChargerSmall Block
David SchillingHard ChargerSportsman
Jon RouthierHard ChargerPro Stock
2016Adam PiersonAward Of ExcellenceSportsman
Jason CaseyAward Of ExcellencePro Stock
Cody HuntNewcomer Of The YearSportsman
Byron WescottNewcomer Of The YearPro Stock
Connor ClevelandMemorable MomentSportsman
Daniel SanchezMemorable MomentPro Stock
Scott DuellMost Popular DriverSportsman
Chuck DumblewskiMost Popular DriverPro Stock
Cody HuntBicknell Top DriverSportsman
Michael SabiaLap LeaderSportsman
Dan OlderLap LeaderPro Stock
Adam PiersonHard LuckSportsman
Gus HollnerHard LuckPro Stock
Scott DuellHard ChargerSportsman
Nick StoneHard ChargerPro Stock
Andrew BuffMost ImprovedSportsman
Dean CharbonneauMost ImprovedPro Stock
David SchillingOutstanding PerformanceSportsman
Robbie SpeedOutstanding PerformancePro Stock
Adam GageFirst Man OutSportsman
Luke HorningFirst Man OutPro Stock
2015Cody BleauAward Of ExcellenceSportsman
Robbie SpeedAward Of ExcellencePro Stock
Jason GrayNewcomer Of The YearSportsman
Jason CaseyNewcomer Of The YearPro Stock
Tim HodgeMemorable MomentSportsman
Rob YetmanMemorable MomentPro Stock
Chad EdwardsBicknell Top DriverSportsman
Rocky WarnerLap LeaderSportsman
Nick StoneLap LeaderPro Stock
Chris SchafferHard LuckSportsman
Dean CharbonneauHard LuckPro Stock
David SchillingHard ChargerSportsman
Dan OlderHard ChargerPro Stock
Michael SabiaMost ImprovedSportsman
Tim Hartman JrFirst Man OutSportsman
Daniel SanchezFirst Man OutPro Stock

Stats Compiled via King Of Dirt Racing 2015-2022